Achieving financial independence & ecological health one village at a time



In our first ever Oregon project, we work closely with members of Emerald Village Eugene, a self-governing tiny-house cooperative that provides affordable housing to very-low-income, formerly homeless residents. In accordance with our mission for all MAPLE branches, we learn pathways for resilience from community members, design and establish community-managed savings and loan associations, and start micro-businesses to strengthen the community financially, culturally, and ecologically.

We collaboratively design:

Workshops in accounting, personal finance, savings, computer literacy, high-demand job skills, and sustainable landscaping
Community-Managed Projects aimed at supporting village food security and soil production
Micro-Businesses for individual and community income generation
An Emergency Fund to cover short term costs (heating/rent) when income gaps occur
Events and Publications for outreach to other communities committed to ending homelessness
And More! 

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